A compact modern suspended fireplace

Flamaquartz fireplace

The perfect alignment

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85% efficiency

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Monoxide emission: <0,09%

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Fine particles <18mg/Nm3

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Heated area : 70m2


Design & compact fireplace 30×30 cm

A compact modern suspended fireplace with a unique design!

This elegant and customizable hanging fireplace will embellish your home. Its slender and clear style makes it a fireplace with character. Within reach, quality and exceptional materials that will personalise your fireplace and embellish your world. Its 180° visible flames will illuminate your evenings by the fire. With its compact, discreet and contemporary silhouette, this unique modern suspended fireplace has remarkable performance and technology, worthy of the greatest fireplaces.

Optimising heat and reducing wood consumption are the key words of this spectacular suspended fireplace!

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Read our FAQ

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Fireplace eligible for tax credits and local aid under certain conditions

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We have developed and patented a unique technology to make this modern suspended fireplace highly efficient. With its afterburner and two air inlets, the smoke is burnt twice. This technique reduces pollution to a minimum and significantly increases the efficiency to over 80% for this remarkably designed fireplace.

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Features and options

Intrigued by this hanging fireplace? Very easy to use, it also has a unique and exceptional design. It works exclusively with wood fire and is started exactly like a conventional fireplace. It is equipped with an ashtray that allows the ashes to be efficiently separated from the embers. Clean and easy to maintain, its side door allows a 180 degree view of the flame. Our afterburner technology provides an easily adjustable fresh air supply that will keep it working and re-burn the smoke by increasing the draft.

Its height and customisation make it unique, made-to-measure, it will embellish your living room and surprise your guests. You can decide on the ideal hanging height, decide on the wood or the material of the base to harmonize your interior with this suspended metal fireplace. It will make your living room remarkable!


The ceramic glass side door has been designed to allow the fireplace to be used in airtight operation while providing an optimal view of the fire.

The bases can be customised, several types of wood, but also marble, not to mention other majestic materials, will embellish your suspended fireplace: it’s up to you to choose what you like best so that your FlamaQuartz matches your interior perfectly.

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Made in France

Our modern suspended fireplace is manufactured in the heart of the French Alps. It meets the French safety requirements.

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