Customised open fireplace insert

The open insert

Optimizes open fireplaces without work

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Customised open insert

The open fireplace insert, our original creation, the one that started our story…

So that you no longer find yourself between two fires, performance on the one hand and the charm of a beautiful blaze on the other, we have designed the open insert. Placed directly in the open fireplace, it allows the smoke to be re-burned during the combustion of the wood. Pollutants are thus eliminated, combustion is improved and the heat is better distributed.

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M-250 Model

Width 40 à 60cm
Height 45cm
Depth 25cm
Weight 25kg
From 2 116€

Haussmannian fireplaces

Typical of French towns, the Haussmannian fireplace has a tremendous charm. To take full advantage of it, our open insert is perfect: no smoke, quick lighting, low wood consumption… Our M-250 model has been designed specifically for this type of fireplace: very shallow, it allows you to close the curtain when the fireplace is not in use and for 25 cm logs.

M-330 Model

Width 60 to 80cm
Height 48.5cm
Depth 50cm
Weight 50kg
From 2 620€

Home fireplaces

In the library, the living room or the dining room, enjoy the warm atmosphere of a powerful and more ecological wood fire while keeping your traditional fireplace. Our M-330 model is dedicated to them. It can be adapted to the different shapes of your fireplace, including trapezoidal ones. Designed for 33 cm logs, it can also accommodate larger logs, up to 50 cm.

M-500 Model

Width 80 to 100cm
Height 55cm
Depth 50cm
Weight 70kg
From 3 099€

Villa fireplaces

This is our champion: the M-500 is used by more than 50% of our customers! It is suitable for standard-sized fireplaces in houses and villas and can heat up to 50m2. It can also be cut to a trapezoidal shape and has been designed to accommodate 50 cm logs.

M-1000 Model

Width 100 to 160cm
Height 80cm
Depth 60cm
Weight 100 to 150kg
From 4359€

Castles and farmhouses

We are pleased to present our new “little” model: the M-1000. Designed for very large fireplaces, it can also fill an inglenook fireplace. Its heating core allows it to burn a very large quantity of wood and to heat a room up to 70m2.

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Satisfied or refunded

If the open fireplace insert interferes with the operation of your fireplace, we will take back the open insert and refund your money.

Secure payment

Payments in instalments are possible.

Delivery within 28 days

The time between order and delivery is 10 days on average and 28 days maximum.

2 year warranty

Manufacturer’s warranty of up to 2 years on all our products


Insert ouvert noir

Where a traditional fireplace has an efficiency of 10%, our open insert peaks at 45%. Say goodbye to the carbon monoxide and fine particles that used to pollute your home. Now you can breathe deeply, even in the corner of the fireplace.


Insert sur mesure

Each custom-made open fireplace insert is manufactured according to the size of the open fireplace to be equipped.

We have developed a model that adapts to each type of fireplace and habitat: Haussmannian, house, castle, farmhouse, inglenook fireplace, etc. A range of accessories also completes our offer.


Finitions pour insert ouvert

The bricks used in the fireplaces equipped with Finoptim open insert can be chosen from: Flamed, Stone, Red and Anthracite.


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